Our brands

Novais Clinics carefully chooses the best. In this context, you find Pier Martino a luxury brand in eyewear style. It has an excellent collection of sunglasses and vision goggles. Carefully made, they dress the person in a classic and elegant manner, using high quality materials, from Swarovski crystals, natural wood or Italian origin leather.

The Cadillac Eyewear brand has been derived from the world's leading manufacturer of luxury cars in the United States since 1900. As one of the oldest car brands in the world, it is a major symbol of the American dream, inspiring freedom, confidence, happiness and hope of a prosperous future.

The Cadillac collections of sunglasses and prescription glasses, made in Italy, offer a refined and elegant style with vintage flavor, the result of years of design research combining aesthetics and comfort. Cadillac Eyewear has a touch of modernity, retro and contemporary style.

Founded in 1853 in Rochester, New York, Bausch is one of the oldest, best known and respected brands in healthcare offering a complete portfolio of eye care products. Bausch contact lenses offer excellent vision for their patients, whether they are nearsighted, hyperopes, astigmates or presbyopes. Our materials resist deposits for a clean, clear lens surface, providing exceptionally long-term comfort.
Novais clinics introduces you to Desio contact lenses. Lenses designed with art connecting treatment and beauty. Desìo contact lenses fit each eye uniquely, merging with the color of each iris, resulting in a natural look. They bring shine, health and beauty to the face. Desìo lenses can be fitted without or associated correction (flat lenses) or in need of it (nearsightedness or farsightedness). Desìo made in Italy lenses come in a variety of shades, from blue, green, gray and coffee, and in each of the different color intensity colors.