CooLifting opens a new stage in the treatment in the cabin against facial aging, based on the symbiosis between a high concentration of antiaging assets and an efficient activation of the epidermis that allows its penetration as never before had been achieved. Result: 5 minutes is enough to achieve a visible antiaging effect and improve the quality of the skin.

CooLifting is based on the latest scientific advances to enhance the skin's natural antiage processes and, in turn, improve the penetration of assets in the skin, producing a lifting effect without surgery.

The CooLifting pistol projects a powerful stream of CO2 onto facial tissues, combined with a very high concentration of vaporized assets at very high pressure and very low temperature. It is a non-invasive procedure and, as a consequence, painless. The pressure and temperature of application is technically controlled by specific software, so its perception does not cause any inconvenience.

The cold current (Criophoresis) of CO2 and vaporized assets, combined with the high pressure (Barophoresis) applied to the epidermis, causes the skin, which is usually at a temperature of 36º, to have a deep and instantaneous dermal reaction: the vessels contract alternatively expand to neutralize thermal shock, favoring cutaneous microcirculation. Added to this are the benefits that CO2 (Carboxitherapy) provides, which induces the formation of collagen and elastin and increases tissue oxygenation.

The mechanical effect of CooLifing on the skin favors an intense penetration of antiage actives, which act in synergy, exponentially increasing their effects: hyaluronic acid, with a powerful moisturizing effect, or Sorghum bicolor extract, of tensor action, among others.

All of this translates into a double effect: on the one hand, an immediate lifting effect, which supposes the elimination of superficial wrinkles, reduction of deep wrinkles and obtaining a smoother and more luminous skin; on the other hand, a lasting rejuvenating effect, translated into an intense stimulation of collagen and elastin, dermal regeneration and improvement of the texture and quality of the skin.

CooLifting antiaging results and effectiveness

CooLifting is designed to easily treat facial wrinkles, both expression and gravitational: eye contour, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and lip area.

CooLifting was developed entirely in Barcelona by a team that knew how to combine cutting-edge technology with excellence to bring this revolutionary system to fruition.

A simple, fast and effective treatment that opens a new spectacular, unique, innovative and non-invasive anti-aging future in the fight against wrinkles and for facial rejuvenation.

In the same technology we have the cooclear and coocel ampoules, the former is a compound of bleaching acids to treat blemishes and the latter a compound of activators that treat cellulite.